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Sun Acquisitions Buyer Services

Acquiring a business can be a long and time consuming process. Sun Acquisitions provides advisory services to companies, private equity groups and investors interested in acquiring a privately-held company. Our advisors can assist buyers who want to conduct either a general or targeted search.

General Acquisition Search

Our advisors can introduce acquirers to our existing client engagements and help them secure a transaction that meets their objectives. As one of the largest M&A firms in the Midwest, we have access to a sizeable number of engagements across all industry sectors and enterprise values.

We provide prospective buyers with and initial consultations that consists of:
  • Acquisition Criteria: Review buyers objectives in a potential acquisition.
  • Sectors: Understand industry sectors of interest.
  • Experience: Background as it relates to sectors of interest.
  • Deal Flow: Discuss prospective opportunities.
  • Disclosure: Review engagements that fit buyers criteria.
  • Process: Discuss process to explore potential acquisitions.
  • Advisors: Introduce buyers to key advisors, attorney, accountants.
  • Capital: Connect buyer with potential debt sources.

Targeted Retained Acquisition Search:

Our advisors can work with prospective acquirers on a retained basis to search for businesses in specific industry sectors, sizes, geographies and attributes. Our approach to these engagements is process driven to generate a large number of potential acquisitions that meet the clients objectives.

Retained Search Approach:
  • Define Goals: We help solidify your acquisition objectives and develop a plan.
  • Research: Research the market and develop an acquisition target list.
  • Marketing: Outreach to the principals on the target list.
  • Screening: Screen potential targets to determine fit with clients objectives.
  • Negotiation: Secure a deal(s) from the targets identified.
  • Diligence and Closing: We coordinate with your advisors and manage the transaction to closing.

We Help you Avoid

  • Over Paying
  • Missing good deals
  • Acquisition Inefficiences
  • Insufficient Deal Flow
  • Valuation Issues
  • Being Opportunistic, not Strategic

We help you develop a plan that is driven by your goals and objectives.

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