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Sun Acquisitions Listing ID: 3N1014

Healthcare Linen Distributor National Presence

Business Description:

The business was started in 2010 by three business partners when they saw that becoming a distributor for healthcare linens would be beneficial. The business supplies blankets, sheets, towels, gowns and other linens to laundries and other distributors that rent and sell linens to hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. The business operates from a home office in Illinois serving customers throughout the USA. It has an especially strong presence in the South. The goods are warehoused at 3PL companies who take delivery of the containers of linens from China, India, and Pakistan and in turn fulfill orders received from industrial laundries. The business stays ahead of competitors by providing high quality products that last much longer than competitors’ products. The business has long-term relationships with multiple suppliers overseas that provide high quality linens. There are three business owners that will all be exiting the business to focus on other business ventures. A new owner would be able to drive revenues by expanding the distribution footprint with established firms and opening up additional warehouses in new locations.

Location:Illinois > McHenry
Annual Revenue: $3,283,002
Listing Price: $1,386,089
Annual SDE (Cash Flow): $480,324
Listing Agent: Domenic Rinaldi 
Established in2010 
Reason for selling:Other Business Interests

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