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Sun Acquisitions Seller Services

Selling your business can be a complex endeavor that can take significant time and effort. It requires exhaustive research and planning to identify the appropriate prospects, followed by a methodical, process-driven approach to achieve a successful outcome. Our M&A professionals, mostly former business owners themselves, follow a rigorous process which has proven successful for our many clients throughout the years.

Client Centered Approach:

  • Confidentiality: Our processes minimizes any disruptions to our clients business.
  • Value: We develop a value range including deal structures.
  • Research: Research the market and develop targeted marketing strategies.
  • Comps: Access to our own and a national database of comparable transactions.
  • Lender relationships: We source capital on 100% of our deals. With capital lined the odds of a successful transaction increases dramatically.
  • Leverage: We have the strategic relationships, people and databases to generate significant buyer interest on our engagements.
  • Negotiation Have successfully negotiated hundreds of transactions across all industry sectors and sizes.
  • Closing Coordination: We have dedicated resources that coordinate due diligence, lender and closing efforts.
  • People: Our advisors, working in a team environment, have the processes, knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their goals.
  • Strategic Alliances: We maintain relationships with professional advisors who specialize in business transactions and can provide technical advice, as needed.

We Help you To

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Discreet marketing
  • Achieve exit plans
  • Identify outcome(s)
  • Create leverage

We maximize your price and terms by generating many interested parties.