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M&A Unplugged Episode #1 | Michael MacNair: Traveling Through the Acquisition Process

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June 18, 2019

Sun Acquisitions is pleased to announce the launch of the first episode for our new podcast, M&A Unplugged. If you are looking to maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale - the M&A Unplugged Podcast was designed with you in mind.

The first episode features features Mike MacNair, founder of MacNair Travel, who discusses his journey scaling his business and his experience selling to a strategic acquirer. The key takeaways from this episode include integration, owners being the business, understanding what drives value and the importance of having a post-transition plan. 

"Have a handle on what your business is worth, what makes it worth that much, and what’s holding it back from its maximum value." —  Michael MacNair

M&A Unplugged is available to stream on the following platforms:

Please listen, review, and subscribe. And feel free to pass along to friends and colleagues!

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