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M&A Unplugged Episode #6 | Paul Liles: Securing an SBA Loan

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July 23, 2019

Episode 6 of M&A Unplugged, Paul Liles: Securing an SBA Loan, is now live! If you are looking to maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale - the M&A Unplugged Podcast was designed with you in mind.

In this episode, Domenic and Paul Lilies discuss:

·        What an SBA Loan is and how they differ from a traditional loan.

·        Getting your business to show the best cash flow before selling.

·        The most important financial statements for the bank and the SBA loan process.

·        What buyers should be looking for when considering an M&A transaction.

Key Takeaways:

·        SBA loans can make a lot of sense in the right cases.

·        Having the right set of advisors who specialize in M&A transactions can really make your transaction more profitable.

·        Sellers - make sure your business is ready to go through the scrutiny of the approval and underwriting process.

·        Buyers – make sure you are paying attention to your background, do you have experience, do you have the cash infusion, do you have the right team.

"If you’re looking to sell, make sure you’re preparing and putting in the time, whether that is six months or two years, to get your business ready to sell." —  Paul Liles

About Paul Liles: Paul Liles joined CIBC USA in 2012 as Managing Director and SBA Banking Manager. Liles established the CIBC USA SBA program and under his leadership CIBC USA’s SBA program has achieved rankings among the top five SBA programs based in Illinois and the top 10% in the nation. Liles’ banking career which began at JP Morgan Chase and US Bank prior to joining CIBC USA, spans over 12 years.

Liles worked for six years in talent development and corporate account management at CDW prior to launching his banking career.

Liles received his B.S from Northern Illinois University, holds a NAGGL SBA Advanced Diploma, and has served on the SBA Lending Committee for Accion Chicago since 2015. He lives in Lisle with his wife Courtney and their three daughters Ashlyn, Makena, and Harper.

Listen to the podcast here:

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