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M&A Unplugged Episode #7 | Aaron Stahl: The Power of Having the Right People

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July 30, 2019

Episode 7 of M&A Unplugged, Aaron Stahl: Securing an SBA Loan, is now live! If you are looking to maximize the value of your business acquisition or sale - the M&A Unplugged Podcast was designed with you in mind.

In this episode, Domenic and Aaron Stahl discuss:

·         Aaron’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur at 22 and growing P3 to the Franchise business it is today.

·         How he switched from a solopreneur running his lifestyle business to growing the company through the acquisition.

·         The speed bumps that came up during the sale unrelated to price.

·         The integration after acquisition.

Key Takeaways:

·         Have your vision and strategy before you undertake a potential acquisition.

·         Understand the seller’s motivations and take care with their legacy.

·         Have an intermediary to help in negotiations.

·         The time to start planning your integration is the day you start planning your acquisition.

·         People are the most important asset you acquire when acquiring a business.

"I would recommend everybody to employ a business broker. That level of insulation that you have between buyer and seller helps keep the warm and fuzzies and the good will intact." —  Aaron Stahl

About Aaron Stahl: Aaron got his start in cost recovery business in 2004 at the age of 22 when he started P3 Waste Consulting. After helping numerous clients save money on their waste expenses the business grew from there to become what it is today. Aaron is an expert in the waste and recycling industry and has been the CEO/President of P3 since the beginning. Aaron splits time between the Northwest Arkansas office, Greensboro, North Carolina office and New York City. In his spare time, he enjoys flying airplanes and is an instrument rated pilot and certified flight instructor. He also enjoys traveling abroad, hunting, hiking, mountain biking and enjoys surfing whenever possible. He is an avid Arkansas Razorbacks fan and holds a degree in small business/finance from the University of Arkansas. He also is an Eagle Scout.

Listen to the podcast here:

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