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Acquiring a Business

Do you have an acquisition strategy that contemplates…

  • The best acquisition targets
  • Comparable transaction valuations
  • What owners need to sell
  • The tax consequences of various deal structures
  • Integration issues

Our buy-side advisory services help you develop a comprehensive acquisition plan that ensures you will maximize your return on investment.


We Help
You Avoid

Post Closing Pitfalls

Over Paying

Insufficient Deal Flow

Buyer Competition

We help you develop a plan that is driven by your acquisition goals.

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What a Targeted Acquisition Search Plan Includes:

  1. Initial Consultation - We will learn what your goals and objectives are for the potential acquisition.
  2. Market Research – We utilize multiple databases to develop a list of potential acquisition targets across one or more markets. 
  3. Marketing Outreach – Our team engages business owners through multiple channels to establish direct contact with potential sellers.
  4. Screening – We screen the potential targets for a match to your specific acquisition criteria.
  5. Target Meetings –We will facilitate and attend all meetings with the target companies.
  6. Opinion of Value – If needed, we will prepare a value opinion on each target.
  7. Deal Structures – We identify potential deal structures and help you optimize capital structure and tax strategies.
  8. Offers – We prepare, present and negotiate all purchase offers to secure the best value and terms.
  9. Financing – Our team can connect you with multiple and alternative financing resources.
  10. Diligence & Closing – Coordination of the various processes to ensure a smooth, hassle-free business transaction.

It takes about 15-20 days to complete an analysis and develop a plan

Ensuring maximum return on your business is not as simple as creating a target list of companies.  Sun Acquisitions has the team, resources and track record to deliver you maximum value.

Let us conduct an Acquisition Analysis to ensure maximum Return on Investment!

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